Demre ROV

Demre was delivered to Turkish Police and 2 are on the way!  

Kasif ROV on Active Duty!

Turkey’s locally produced, remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), Kaşif, was developed to be used as a drilling observation support vehicle in the country’s current hydrocarbon exploration activities. More on: Click

Hoytek AHRS-Depth Sensor

First batch of our AHRS-Depth Sensor export is on it’s way to Canada! The sensor can be used up to 3000 meters depth and it packs AHRS, Depth and Temperature sensors.

The Remains of Ottoman’s Naval Warfare Discovered!

The remains of the Battle of the Oinousses Islands that was a victory of Ottoman Empire against The Republic of Venice (1695) were discovered. We are proud of Demre being in the operation as diver support and observer.    

Gemini720im Sonar

Hoytek Engineering will be the proud first user of the Gemini720im (the smallest multi beam sonar) on its new Demre ROV specifically designed for Search and Rescue Operations.   

TCG Işın & Worker-77 Located the Lost French Airplane!

As Hoytek Engineering we are proud that Worker-77 (the system we delivered to Navy) is used successfully to locate the lost French airplane. The French passenger airplane had to land onto the sea near Fethiye, Turkey in 1953 and never heard again.  

Hoytek ROV 100 is Heading to Antarctica!

We have concluded the acceptance tests of ROV 100 with ITU PolReC. It’s really exciting that our robot is going to be used in under water research in Antarctica! As Hoytek Engineering, we wish the best to ITU PolReC in their challenging tasks in Antarctica.    

Nusret 2017 Military Exercise

As Hoytek Engineering, we attended Nusret 2017 Military Exercise and introduced our ROV systems and solutions to Turkish Navy and international customers.        

ISEF 2016 Hacettepe Meeting

We attended  2nd ISEF Meeting at Hacettepe Teknokent with our counter and introduced our ROV solutions and products.  

Hoytek @ Press – 2016

Hoytek Engineering was at the newspapers with the following headline: “Hoytek, an engineering company in Ankara manufactured Turkey’s first national ROV system that is 600 sea-meter rated. Hürriyet Gazetesi  Sabah Gazetesi  Yeni Şafak  Tekno Kulis   

Worker-77 Training and Factory Acceptance Tests Completed Successfully

ROV Pilot/Technician Training and the Factory Acceptance Tests of Worker-77 ROV System were completed successfully at Argus Remote Systems in Norway by Hoytek’s attendance.