As Hoytek Engineering, our main goal and achievement is to develop and build quality unmanned marine systems in-house with our experienced, enthusiastic staff. We realize that research and development is the basis for all technological advancement and we continue to put emphasis on that in order to build lighter and more reliable systems that answer our customers’ various needs. Along with our high-tech unmanned systems, we provide a variety of software and system solutions to supplement and enhance the functionality of our mechanical systems.



Hoytek Engineering was established in 2015 with the aim of developing robotics systems solutions. The expertise of our staff regarding the unmanned marine systems allow us to provide state-of-the-art software, hardware and mechanical design, development and production of aforementioned systems. Our firm has established connections with various firms since its founding and continues to provide excellent customer experience.



As Hoytek Engineering, providing our customers with targeted solutions that are reliable and built in-house based on the requirements of the task and requests of our customers. We also provide contracts with certified and experienced vehicle operators in case the task at hand demands it. Hoytek Engineering is happy to provide complete solutions to any undersea operation from beginning to end, including the development of the vehicle, planning the operation, providing the operating staff and executing the operation.



Our mission is to build high-end undersea systems that will allow for a variety of operations and provide our customers with complete solutions to their problems. We aim to reach that goal by designing and building our own systems with our expert designers and engineers which allows us to modify the vehicles towards the need of our customer. Our expertly trained operators and maintenance staff will quickly solve the issue to maximize the utility of the operations and customer experience.